Ear Lobe Piercing


Born is getting their   ear lobe(s) pierced by .



I, , consent that I give Screaming Ink Tattoo, to perform earlobe piercing. I have read and understood all of the aftercare instructions, located on the website and around the shop. I acknowledge that the above-named child is not suffering from diabetes, allergies, discoloration, swelling, lumps, or signs of irritation of the ear love or cartilage. I realize the importance of proper care in permitting the ears to heal without infection. I promise to follow each step of the instructions on the EAR CARE INSTRUCTIONS sheet that has been provided. I acknowledge the importance of these instructions in maintaining healthy ears.

You must be 18 years or older to have your ears pierced without your parent's consent. Your signature at the bottom indicates that you are over the age of 18, or that you are the parent/legal guardian giving consent.

By signing, I am the child's parent or legal guardian and i consent to have the above-named child's ears pierced.

By signing, I am agreeing that I am legally competent and consent to have my ears pierced.

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